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"Changing the World One Mind at a Time"

Do What You Love

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by information, we find that a wise person is not one who knows a lot, but by one that knows what to focus on. Our L&L course has been taught and refined to more than 2200 students for 25 years.

Our coaches help students develop daily habits that are proven to make them stand out and add value everywhere they go.

At the end of the course, we hope all of our students will have taken the opportunity to:

  1. Improve their lives 1 goal at a time.
  2. Learn to think 5x faster.
  3. Create a realistic plan for their future.
  4. Minimize stress by understanding their surroundings.
  5. Develop the ability to go into any situation and instantly know what the issue is and how to resolve it.
  6. Find out what makes them happy and have a way of doing it all the time.

"Arizona State University is recognized globally as a top-ranked knowledge enterprise focused on solutions to society's greatest challenges, advancing a better life for all."

Based off 25 years of management research, this course teaches how to employ Natural Laws and Logical Thinking, enabling students to learn quicker, manage their stress and leverage the knowledge around them to plan for their future.

With quick, learn-at-your-own-pace, dynamic lesson plans, students are able to practice utilizing the expertise of the people around them as they progress. This helps students to minimize their stress and actually be able to think less, but do more.


Would Recommend this course to their friends.


of Student saw a Positive Change in their Lives.


feel this Course Helped them in their Personal Life.

Program Course Details

Time Commitment

  • Self-Paced
  • 7 Lessons
  • Up to 3 Coaching Sessions


Beta Testing

  • Duration: 4/1/18 - 12/31/18
  • Cost: $300

What You Will Learn

  • Why you have the family you have.
  • How to listen less and understand more.
  • How to change and Improve
  • Simple concepts that will make you excel in any subject.
  • Getting a vision for your future. (College, job, career, marriage, kids?)

Real Life. Real Leadership.

Curriculum Creators

Dean T. Kashiwagi, PhD

Creator of the Best Value Approach

Professor for 25 years.

Author of 300+ publications.

Jacob S. Kashiwagi, PhD

Creator of the No-Influence Leadership Model.

Supply Chain Consultant for 15 years.

Mentored 100+ students over 10 years.


What Do Our Past Participants Say

"This is the second year my daughter attended the summer program. She has learned skills that I know she will use for the rest of her life. These techniques help her manage her stress and have empowered her to take control of her life. This program has been life changing for her and I'm so glad we found LSA!"

Stefanie P. 

Parent Of Student Attendee

“An unbelievable growing experience for my teenage son. His view point has completely changed and he has a new confidence in himself. The best money we have spent on any activity for him yet! We will definitely send our second child as soon as he's old enough”

Pamela T.

Parent of Student Attendee

“I am extremely pleased with my daughter's participation in this summer's LSA session. The instructors were effective in reviewing each concept in a way that allowed my daughter to apply key course concepts. I quickly saw a difference in her. Dr. Dean's keynote at the end ceremony had a positive impact on how I parent my daughters. Thank you LSA!”

Amy N.

Parent of Student Attendee

“This is the best summer program that I've ever been apart of. Most summer camps are just a way for kids to build there resume, but this was a truly life altering experience for me. Facts and Logic created the perfecct platform for me to not only learn the concepts but to buy into them. Instructors are genuine people who care about students lives. Highly recommended, the greatest leadership program available for young adults.”

Connor K.

Student of the Program

“LSA made me realize the flaws of my mindset that I have kept throughout my entire life span. It made me observe and understand those around me more clearly and see the qualities that assist or hurt one another. The metaphysical topics discussed made me wonder about the world as a whole. It opened my eyes to a whole new type of mindset. A mindset that I believe will surely benefit me as I move forward.”

Charles E.

Student of the Program

“This course was amazing!!! I learned how I can make my life so much easier and successful in my daily life. I have so much less stress, and I am finding that I have more drive to accomplish my short term and long term goals. I feel like I learned how to be a better person to myself and to others.”

Catherine J.

Student of the Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take this course?

This online course is tailored to help students on or around high school age (14-19). For information for courses for college students or professionals, please email us at Team@LeadAZ.org.

When is the deadline to enroll?

There are no deadlines for this program. We encourage students to complete this course in tandem with their school semester or summer as they will benefit more if they have the opportunity to apply the ideas being taught.

Is there a way I can get a course sample, or are there any events where I can learn 1 or 2 ideas before committing to a program?

Yes! Depending on the time the course is being taken (Fall/Spring/Summer) there are a few ways to go about this:

  1. LSA hosts many different events throughout the Phoenix Valley open to the public. Check out LeadAZ.org and Sign up for our newsletter to be in the loop about upcoming events.
  2. Contact us anytime at Team@LeadAZ.org with direct questions or to set up a call with a Team Member.
  3. Contact us at Team@LeadAZ.org to check out Lesson 1 of the course, no strings attached!

What happens if I don't complete the program?

Students will have 1 year to complete the course from the time of purchase. We do not anticipate the course taking more than 18 weeks, with most people finishing in 9 weeks on average.

How do the Coaching Sessions work?

Every participant will receive 4 calls from the time they begin the course:

  1. Administration / Prep Call: An LSA Team Member will call you to answer any questions about the Class Portal, how lessons and worksheets work, and select the best LSA Coach for the rest of the sessions. This is also when the tentative dates for the rest of the Sessions will be discussed.
  2. Introductory Session (1 hour, with LSA Coach).
  3. Coaching Session with LSA Coach to further understanding of class concepts, and create systems to implement in your own life.
  4. Follow-up Session to work on real-life implementation and ensure understanding of class concepts.

At the same time, Participants will have ample opportunities to receive feedback on their work being completed throughout the course.